Solutions for the packaging industry

Implement high standards flexibly, competently and reliably

In the packaging industry the goals of machine manufacturers, producers, retailers and end users need to be co-ordinated. Globally the packaging market can differ from region to region each with their own strict hygiene rules and constantly changing packaging concepts causing regular changes in format.

Balluff enable you to meet these challenges with the right solutions: Sensors, systems and network connection technology for the entire sector and its various areas of primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging.

Balluff products are available worldwide and are approved internationally. They enable fast and reliable format and product change with high flexibility even for complex tasks. This ensures maximum system availability and increases efficiency across the entire packaging process.


  • Optimum product lines
  • Productive process chains
  • Maximum quality

All areas of the packaging industry

Whether your area of expertise is primary, secondary, or end-of-line packaging, Balluff can provide the best automated solution to improve your process. Our sensing technology, networking, connectivity, and RFID products are specifically designed to help your company reduce downtime, increase production, and save money. We have well-established solutions for the packaging and food/beverage industries.

Primary packaging Secondary packaging End-of-line packaging
Forming Sorting Palletizing
Filling Boxing Wrapping
Sealing Film wrapping Sealing

Flexible and Reliable

Balluff products are extremely versatile and have unparalleled reliability. If you need process feedback, a quick part changeover, or automatic size change, we can help you accomplish this to prevent unplanned downtime. We also have solutions for the more sensitive applications, such as product protection, traceability, and HMI access control. Balluff’s technology complies with strict industry regulations and standards. Our products are available worldwide and are internationally approved.

IO-Link reduces downtime and is cost effective

When new lines are installed or existing lines need to be upgraded, Balluff products with IO-Link technology make this a quick and cost-effective process. We offer IO-Link master network blocks to be utilized with any existing network architecture. By using only basic proximity sensor cables, you can benefit from error free re-calibration, download parameters, and get up to 128 points of I/O with one IP address!

When filling pharmaceutical blister packaging, one sensor is sufficient for optimum quality

The Balluff BVS Vision Sensor will ensure your blister packs are filled correctly every time.

When part-presence, position, placement, and process time is critical, the BVS will accurately confirm or reject to keep your quality standards high.

Our vision sensor will adapt to your application. When you have multiple parts to inspect, we can reliably detect all necessary components. The user-friendly software enables the required tools for different inspection and poka-yoke requirements.

Bonus Advantage: Changeovers are possible at all times; even during the process itself. Frequent format changes and different packaging units can be reliably inspected with the BVS vision sensor.

BVS Benefits

  • Extremely high level of system availability
  • Fast and reliable format and product changes
  • High level of flexibility, even for complex tasks
  • High level of efficiency throughout the entire packaging process
  • Optimum product lines
  • Productive process chains
  • Maximum quality

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