Solutions for Welding Assemblies

Weld Select Series of Sensors, connectors and accessories

Weld select is an industry proven group of Balluff sensors, connectors and accessories developed to extend sensor life and increase productivity within the harshest of welding environments.

Designed to assist those responsible for automated welding cells, Balluff have identified typical issues and the corresponding Balluff solutions to minimise damage and maximise part quality and production throughput.

Problem - Weld Slag

Hot weld slag, weld debris and weld spatter stick to the sensor face and body causing premature failure of sensors in weld cells.

Welding Environment - PDF


Problem - Heat Damage

Sensor damage due to the enormous amount of heat produced within the harsh welding environment.

Heat Damage - PDF


Problem - Impact Damage

Incidental sensor damage caused by parts loading impact can significantly degrade sensor performance, shorten sensor life, or even destroy a sensor.

Loading Impact - PDF


Problem - Connectivity Damage

Weld slag burns through and destroys conventional cabling. Its weight often pulls the cable away from the connector, exposing it to even more damage.

Protecting Connectivity - PDF

Problem - Heat / Weld Spatter


Weld-resistant I/O modules

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