Structural Tier Suppliers

There is a high amount of MRO for automation components and downtime due to automation field devices in a traditional automotive structural tier supplier.  But this does not have to be the case.  Sensors and cables are destroyed by weld spatter, physical contact and temperature issues; however when the right components are selected for the application there can be a dramatic reduction in MRO costs and a similarly dramatic increase in uptime.  With basic die protection and press setup automation, downtime in the press shop and tooling repair can both be avoided.

Using BES/BOS inductive and photoelectric sensors to monitor blanks and part ejection - to improve the production process
With the broad spectrum of Balluff sensor solutions you can be sure that sensor solutions you can be sure that
• Blanks leave the punch press correctly
• Scrap material is places in the appropriate container
• Finished parts are cleanly ejected and reliability sorted into the correct locations on the respective conveyors
Component production
Balluff sensors ensure optimum component production sequences: Whether bumpers, fuel filler flaps, hoods, doors, hatches, body floors, instrument panel frames, steering boxes or hangars, every component is produced customer specific and with perfect fit.
Die ID - Reliable Press Setup
Identifying and correctly imputing the proper press setup for each tool can have issues.  Many times the incorrect shut height is input or the tool cannot be found on the floor.  Where was the die-set put last?  With the use of RFID or IO-Link I/O the tool can be automatically identified by the press and setup automatically without error or a die crash on the first hit. 


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