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Progressive Die Protection for Tool Rooms

Stop the Press Before Damage Occurs
In most tool rooms, tool and die makers are spending the majority of their time fighting fires and repairing damaged tooling, such as: sheared punches, snapped pilots, bent strippers, cracked sections, and smashed stop blocks. Management demands for faster repairs to meet manufacturing schedules and idle welders puts added pressure on the tool room’s limited resources. Damaged tooling coming into the tool room is routinely blamed on a variety of issues like misfeeds, part out detection, and wiring damage.

With Die Protection, the goal is to identify an issue with enough time to stop the press before tooling damage can occur. Sensors are used to detect issues like short feed, over feed, slug stacking, or part ejection failure. In order to utilize the solutions presented in this guide, a press controller capable of accepting sensor inputs is required. Balluff is an experienced die protection partner for this industry and provides a wide range of technologies for die protection applications.

Are you repairing tooling due to any of these issues?
• Sheared punches
• Snapped pilots
• Bent strippers
• Cracked sections
• Short feed
• Long feed
• Slug stacking
• Part ejection failure

Application for In-Die Sensing / Die Protection and Welding

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