BunkerProx® Inductive Sensor

For high impact welding applications

Balluff’s new BunkerProx® sensor represents a new concept in inductive sensor protection. Intended for the most rugged and physically abusive welding and metalworking applications, BunkerProx incorporates a robust design that can take the abuse of heavy part loading and welding operations.

The BunkerProx Advantages:

  • Thick metal housing protects sensor against mechanical damage
  • Unique one piece connector/body eliminates connector failures 
  • Thick sensor walls provide intermittent heat sink, protecting internal electronics
  • Frontal-impact deflection ring protects face from repeated impact
  • Ceramic face resists weld spatter burn-through up to 2200°F
  • Weld spatter-resistant coating repels weld spatter build up
  • Weld Field Immune electronics provide error free operation

Application example: 

BunkerProx in an abusive weld cell lasted 10 times longer than previous weld sensor


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