Robust Mechanical-Inductive Detection

Balluff's PlungerProx is a high-durability inductive proximity sensor actuation system for applications where loose tolerances make direct contact unavoidable. The heavy-duty spring-loaded probe makes direct contact with the machine or part to verify presence or position, making it ideal for welding fixtures, stamping dies, and part ejection verification. PlungerProx is supplied with a specifically-selected Balluff M08 PNP or NPN inductive sensor that is protected inside the mechanical housing, where it never makes mechanical contact with any moving parts. Various plunger tip profiles are available to meet application requirements, including one type with a threaded hole in the end for installation of custom tips. The PlungerProx is built with serviceability in mind, and can be quickly disassembled for cleaning and worn or damaged part replacement.

Benefits of PlungerProx:
• High reliability and long service life, even in contaminated environments
• Easily disassembled for cleaning and repair
• Precision-adjustable switch point
• Long overtravel plunger: no internal hard stop
• Configurable for a variety of conditions and requirements
• Chrome-plated steel actuator

• Hardened-steel, chrome-plated plunger tips
• Designed for direct contact
• Bronze bushing insert
• Weep hole for applications where fluid is present
• Tested to 1 million mechanical cycles

• Four plunger tips available: Round, Flat, Point and Threaded
• Three spring forces available: Low, Medium and High tension
• Two-Piece housing for easy maintenance

Easy Installation:
• Plunger housing with M18 Threads
• Adjusting the M08 sensor will adjust the trip point of the plunger




PlungerProx - Product Update
Plunger Prox CAD Files (.zip)

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