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Weld Slag Resistant Cables

Welding is a hot and dirty atmosphere which can cook, melt, and fuse products together causing failures.

Welding is a rough environment on equipment and maintenance.  In these types of surroundings, the life of a cable can be shortened by several environmental factors.  Common situations causing cable failures:  slag build-up encompassing the sensor and cable; the weight of debris pulling the cable out of the connector; weld sparks burning through cables causing shorts in the connection; and high temperatures cooking the components.  The nature of this atmosphere makes it hard to have long lasting materials.  Balluff has a full family of High Durability Cables designed for use in the most inhospitable situations.   

Balluff came up with cables tougher than a standard TPE cable with the aim to reduce the consumption of cables and connectors.  High Durability Cables help prevent wasting sensors and destroying connectors when trying to defuse the two from each other.  We are changing the paradigm of accepted high volume cable usage.  We are reducing downtime due to cable failure and boosting productivity throughout the plant by using High Durability Cables.  We are not super heroes, but we have been in this industry a long time and have seen what causes problems due to connectivity products.  Balluff brings over 90 years of extensive automation experience.  After studying failures and testing several materials, Balluff introduced a cost effective durable solution to withstand a scorching, dirty, heavy-debris environments.  These High Durability Cables have a higher temperature rating; jackets that prevent slag from bonding to the cable, and building up, and PTFE coated nuts that reduce the fusion of a cable and sensor because the non-stick properties of PTFE prevent debris from affixing.

We investigated different kinds of cables in weld cells until we found our most robust cable types: silicone tube, silicone cable and PTFE cable.  With these cables, we can address applications needing high temperatures up to 200⁰ C.  The durable jacket types prevent melting and sticking during operations.  Balluff's High Durability Cables are resistant to weld sparks burning through the cable jacket and prevent debris from sticking to the jacket.  Balluff High Durability Cables are suitable in applications like welding, metal fabrication, forging, and in many more industries. These different options keep production moving and reduce the number of cable replacements.

The Balluff Difference
When designing cables to withstand the above described welding environments, Balluff took a look at the entire cable.  One of the top issues was that the cable and sensor connector would weld together from the debris.  Operators would have to bring out hammers and chisels to remove the sensor and the cable.  It became a multiple component failure and took a longer time to resume production.  The other issue observed was separation of cable from the connector.  When investigating cable and connector failure cases, Balluff identified an issue with the nut.  We came up with a PTFE coated nut due to its non-stick nature.  Then we moved to the next part of the cable that gets a lot of abuse, the overmold.  This is the intersection where the cable and connector come together.  We did not want the connector to start baking the conductors from the buildup of heat and debris.  The overmolded connector on our High Durability family is made from a weld spark immune material.  Finally, we looked at the connection point where the cable connects to the overmold.  To prevent ingress of materials, we had our tube overmolded with the jacket. It gives a nice clean look without compromising function. 

Balluff High Durability cables are designed to protect against the harshest of elements in a welding environment!      


• -25…200⁰C
• Thermal shock resistant
• Abrasion and mechanical resistant
• M8, M12 and splitter versions 
Silicone Tube
• -60…180⁰C (Tube)          
• Protects against aging in hot and cold surroundings
• Sealed tube, resistant to ingress
• Air installation between the tube and PUR weld spark immune cable 
• -65…200⁰C
• Protection against aging in hot and cold temperatures
• Resistance against water, fuels and acid
• Silicone free
• M8, M12 and splitter versions


Silicone Cable
Silicone Tube
PTFE (FEP) Cable
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