Training is truly an investment in people. But not all training is equal: some training results in knowledge that does not directly translate into better performance on the job. Balluff’s courses start with learning objectives: what the students should be able to do at the end of the lesson. We measure these objectives with exercises and labs throughout the course. This “hands-on” approach means students leave better equipped to do their jobs.

In addition we recognize that not all roles and job requirements are the same: an engineer might not need to have the same skills as a maintenance technician or an integrator. Using a tiered approach we design each class to target a specific audience guaranteeing you will receive training applicable to your specific role.

And finally all our standard courses are developed in a modular fashion to allow you to tailor your training to your company’s exact needs and requirements. And if you require customized training specific to your company’s implementation and equipment, Balluff is happy to work with you to develop this course as well. (Click here to register)

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Custom Courses take time to develop and require discussion about your specific applications and needs.


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